How do Occupancy Tracking Devices and Technology help against COVID?

How do Occupancy Tracking Devices and Technology help against COVID?

We’re all in this together, you’ll hear on the television when people tell about the situation with COVID-19. We need to do everything in our power to do a good job in preventing and fighting against it. See some recommendations here.

Technology is going to help us tremendously with this. We’ve reached a level of technology that is beyond any level before. Now, we can use many features for helping us live a better life during a great world pandemic.

Some of these technologies are occupancy tracking backed by artificial intelligence. Drones, smart venues, virtual reality, and fast internet solutions that allow us to do everything we want and need without physical contact.

It’s a new world, and we all must adjust. In this article, we’re sharing some thoughts on this matter. Read on if you want to know how technology is going to help humanity in the battle against a world pandemic, such as COVID-19 is.

Artificial Intelligence is doing a tremendous job

Although this is not a new term or a new invention, it took quite a while until we as humanity managed to implement it in actual solutions that are helping us. One of these solutions is the occupancy tracking devices that are helping against COVID.

Finding the right smart occupancy tracking solution takes some time. You need to know what kind of solution you need exactly. There are many different types, and everyone must spend some time analyzing what will be best for them.

For example, installing one inside the company offices must be made in order with the company rules. The employer mustn’t invade the worker’s privacy. Luckily, there are AI solutions that are made to work perfectly without the item act as a camera and record the movement of the employees.

On the other hand, if you need this for huge markets or malls, it’s great if it works both as a counter and as a camera. This way you have perfect surveillance. You can see what the customers are doing and protect the safety in general, and at the same time, it can act as a person counter noting everyone about how many people are inside a particular venue.

You probably know that one of the recommendations of the WHO is avoiding physical contact and keeping 6 feet of distance between people. When you get inside a particular store, you should know how many people are inside, and how many are allowed to get in.

This is helpful for everyone. Those who are inside will be safe knowing that there’s a counter, and those who are outside will have to wait for their turn until someone comes out of the store. online whiteboard tool


Did you know that Amazon made a spectacular success by letting drones deliver the goods people order through their platform? Instead of people doing the job, they let drones backed by AI deliver the goods on the front door. Talking about modern technology and robots, right? Learn more about them here:

Smart venues and IoT

For those who are not aware, IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It’s a cool way to explain the human-less connection between robots, who work together. Smart speakers inside homes communicate with drones, who deliver the goods directly from smart warehouses.

In other words, everything you want to buy, you can now do it at home. You don’t have to go to crowded places and risk getting the virus. Stay home, and use the technology for getting what you need. Find what you need through the smart speaker, and have it delivered without even raising your hand for anything. Just a voice command is enough.

Fast internet supports this

In 2020 started the implementation of the 5G network. This is crucial for the world because this network, backed by satellite internet, provides internet speeds that are up to 100 times faster than the old 4G network.

With it, you get to download huge chunks of software, movies, or anything you like within seconds. This allows some other amazing possibilities, like the invention of holograms and virtual reality tours happening live.

Virtual reality kits are helping with this. Companies producing these are providing some outstanding experience. The software for VR is so realistic, that is amazing and breathtaking.

One of the industries that were hit badly, was the hotel industry. Millions of rooms and accommodations were left unused this summer season because people were not allowed to travel. With VR and fast internet speeds, now ultra HD images are making people feel like they are on the spot.

You don’t have to go to the Maldives anymore. You have this at your home. Some special equipment is creating a multidimensional experience and enjoyment. You can sense smell, heat, and make everything look exactly like the real deal.

You can take a vacation and never actually get out of your home, but still experience everything that will be the same as you have been to the beaches of the Maldives.

Technology helps to battle the virus

If people stay home and do stuff as we described above, you can be sure that the virus will soon be gone. It is only active if people are spreading it one to the other. Our immune system is going to battle with it and create antibodies.

When this is done, we’re no longer a threat. At the same time, if no one is being in touch with other people, the virus will have no way to spread from one person to the other. Drones and robots are not getting infected, so it will be easy to handle the situation.


Technology can be very valuable for us as humans if we know how to make the best of it. We need to make a thorough plan, and make sure that everyone is smart enough to obey. If we manage to do this, the virus will be gone within a month. Too bad people are not reasonable enough.

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