The Growing Importance Of LMS In Australia

The Growing Importance Of LMS In Australia

Training and education is important for the health of your organisation. It helps keep staff and management engaged in their work, and you benefit from increased productivity derived from education programmes that deliver an increased sense of ownership. 

In fact, companies yield more than double from employees who participate in corporate training vs those who don’t. That yield also returns a profit margin of almost 25%. These are numbers a business shouldn’t ignore and all it takes to get them is a greater focus on learning. And before you think how will I pay for that, start thinking about investing in a learning management system. Why? Because they’re the most cost-efficient way to reach your goal.

It wasn’t long ago that corporate education was expensive. Whether you employed educators and their support teams internally or sent staff to remote locations and incurred all the associated travel expenses, a lot of money went out the door. Learning Management Systems (LMS) have changed all that.

Put simply, an LMS is software that delivers training content online. It helps onboard new staff, up-skill old staff and elevate your entire business by giving staff the skills and knowledge they need to perform their roles. It helps your employees advance their careers, invest in their position and by extension, invest in the company because they have the skills they need to take ownership of their role. That benefits you directly because of the increased yield and profit margin we discussed earlier.

A good LMS helps reduce learning times because course materials are always available: students don’t need to wait to move forward, and can study on the go. This is important since you want courses to be available anywhere at any time (on a phone, a tablet, laptop or desktop). It lets you monitor progress and help those who are struggling. You can reduce learning costs by eliminating the cost of travel, printed materials and site rental. Template based programmes give you the ability to create, cut, paste and generally repurpose content and visual themes across all your courses, thus saving a lot of time, effort and money. Budget reporting tools provide a clear picture of where money is being spent.

Here are five reasons why a Learning Management System is important for your business:

  • It saves money. You can reduce training costs and increase productivity.
  • It is not tied to a classroom. Employees can take courses wherever and whenever convenient (including after hours), and progress at their own speed.
  • It reduces workloads. Tutors can let students learn independently without face-to-face mentoring.
  • It keeps track. It’s easy to measure performance and course completion.
  • It aids continuous improvement. Useful analytics help you improve your development program.

Business and education both experienced significant digital disruption before we then hit the turbo-button a couple of years ago. Like any other country and its businesses, LMS Australia gives you and your staff the tools to ride that wave while improving productivity across your organisation.

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