The Staggering Cost of Skipping Out on Digital Marketing

The Staggering Cost of Skipping Out on Digital Marketing

Today, we see more and more professionals taking on a career in digital marketing, and for many good reasons. This career is in high demand among most businesses of all industries today.

Moreover, one can start taking a digital marketing online course and work their way up the career ladder. It isn’t an easy path, but it is an accessible one where people who want to become digital marketers can begin their journeys through online courses and gain experience through apprenticeships.

But wait – as a business, why do you need digital marketing in the first place? Some companies may consider digital transformation as a costly and unnecessary expense, with the process taking time, patience, and investment. However, the question you should be asking is: why DON’T you need digital marketing?

Take a look at the staggering costs your business can incur in the long run if you choose to skip out on digital marketing.

1. You lose relevance

Digital speed is now 5 times faster compared to traditional businesses. If you have no digital presence, then your business will drown in an ocean of fast-moving competitors and strategies.

Marketing campaigns are successful when agile and able to hop on viral subjects or trending news. If you don’t take advantage of that, you lose out on many engagements that could have brought you more followers, potential customers, and sales!

2. You can’t collect key analytics

If you are a new company, you must keep up with competitors who have been around for a long time. Going digital is the key to staying agile and competitive here.

For companies who don’t go digital, then the less likely you can collect key analytics that would have done wonders for your business. Data provided by digital platforms is crucial for businesses to learn what customers want.

If you miss out on that and choose to conduct solely traditional marketing campaigns, your business will struggle to thrive and survive in the competitive market.

Not only can you miss out on key analytics, but you will miss out on social selling opportunities as well!

3. Poor company and revenue growth

If your business lacks digital activity, growth becomes a challenge. You can see many businesses that have experienced this, including Kodak. This popular film-based business ended up going bankrupt as it was resistant to change. There was still a chance to stay relevant if they chose digital transformation, but there was little to no change made with how the company marketed itself.

Remember, you shouldn’t just acknowledge the need for change. As a company, you must embed those digital changes into the work culture, practices, and processes to reach its full potential. That way, you can avoid the dire consequences of staying behind.

Wrapping It Up

What are you waiting for? It’s time to hire a reputable digital marketing specialist to see how you can incorporate the digital world with your current marketing strategies.

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