What Is Boutique Digital Marketing?

What Is Boutique Digital Marketing?

As a discipline, digital marketing is comparatively new. Where Madison Avenue executives have been marketing through traditional means for more than two generations, digital marketing didn’t get started in earnest until the early 2000s. Within the broader scope of digital marketing, a newtrend has emerged: boutique digital marketing.

If you are familiar with the concept of a boutique hotel, you might already have an inkling into what boutique digital marketing is. Needless to say,the boutique model is attractive to companies looking for a more personal touch. Such is the main selling point of boutique digital marketing.

Digital Marketing in General

Understanding boutique digital marketing begins with an understanding of digital marketing in general. Digital marketing isn’t just one thing. It is a collection of tools, strategies, and disciplines through which marketers reach potential customers in the digital space.

With that definition in mind, there is no need to complicate matters. The previously referenced digital space is essentially the internet. Digital marketers concentrate on reaching targeted audiences online. Now, there are multiple ways to do it:

  • Email and newsletters
  • Client websites
  • Distributed content
  • Social media outreach
  • Pay-per-click advertising.

There are other options, but the point is made well enough without getting into them. The big take away here is that the internet offers so many more opportunities. That is what makes boutique digital marketing so attractive.

Getting to Know You

The more personal nature of boutique digital marketing allows marketers to concentrate on those tools and strategies that are most effective for the individual client. But in order to figure that out, marketers have to get to know their clients on a personal level.

Webtek Digital Marketing is a Salt Lake City, UT and Austin, TX company that bills itself as a boutique digital marketing agency. Teams in both offices follow a set process for getting new projects off the ground. The very first step is getting to know the client.

They refer to this first step as the ‘evaluation’ step. It involves trying to fully understand the client’s business. That implies learning about the client’s business model, mission and vision, strategic goals, and customers. Only when they fully understand where the client is coming from are they fully prepared to get to work.

5 Benefits of Boutique Service

With a basic understanding of boutique digital marketing, let us move on to why companies might prefer it over a more broad-based approach. Essentially, there are five main benefits of boutique service:

  1. Specialization – Boutique agencies tend to specialize in a limited number of business sectors. Specialization allows them to become very good at what they do.
  1. Targeted Services – The boutique model allows marketers to target only those services most likely to prove successful.
  1. Collaboration – The nature of boutique digital marketing invites collaboration between agency and client. Clients tend to like that.
  1. Personal Service – Boutique agencies are more likely to offer more personal service in everything from project development to billing.
  1. Results Driven – Because boutique agencies are smaller, their survival depends on a results-driven approach. They cannot afford lackluster results. They have to win, or they risk losing too many clients.

Boutique digital marketing is one of the hottest trends in the broader digital marketing arena right now. This is not to say that larger marketing agencies no longer have a place in modern commerce. They do. It is just that boutique agencies offer things that certain types of clients truly appreciate.

Boutique digital marketing may not last. But as long as it does, it will play a role in determining digital marketing’s future.

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