What is Woo Commerce and Why Should You Use it?

What is WooCommerce and Why Should You Use it?

Due to the number of ecommerce platforms in the market, the ecommerce market is very competitive. Therefore, the use of the right hosting platform is essential for its success.

This is where WooCommerce comes in. Actively used on more than 2.3 million ecommerce platforms worldwide, WooCommerce is a very intuitive and beginner-friendly platform to work on.

Even though the design may be intuitive and user-friendly, it still may become a bit overwhelming. However, you can seek help from experts such as Sunlight Media to help with web development and related issues.

WooCommerce is favored by many ecommerce merchants due to its accessibility features, as well as the versatility and performance it delivers to the user.

Let’s go a little further in-depth on what WooCommerce is all about and why you should incorporate it in your ecommerce website as well.

What Is WooCommerce?

In order to understand what WooCommerce is, let’s first understand what a WordPress plugin is and how it connects to this platform.

WordPress is a very famous website builder that has the option to add other pieces of software, called plugins, which offer specialized features and added functionality that removes the limitations of WordPress.

WooCommerce is also a WordPress plugin that helps website builders develop an online selling platform using WordPress.

This plugin specializes in providing many features related to ecommerce, transforming the functionality of WordPress, and helping you make a fully functional ecommerce platform.

WooCommerce makes the job a lot easier, offering you the ability to list and sell digital and physical products on your platform and keep track of your stock. In addition to that, it has tax sorting features as well.

When it comes to ecommerce plugins, this platform, in particular, is currently the most famous one in the market, responsible for powering over 25% of all ecommerce stores in the top 1 million ecommerce websites around the globe.

Why You Should Use WooCommerce

There are thousands upon thousands of different plugins for WordPress, so why should you use this one? There are many benefits that WooCommerce provides, which makes it the best plugin for ecommerce websites.

This includes the user-friendly aspect of it and the fact that it is entirely free as well. Let’s take a deeper look as to why WooCommerce should be your go-to option when building an ecommerce site.

  1. WooCommerce is Free and will alwaysbe Free

There are many plugins in the market that have some sort of pricing model, and no matter how affordable they may be, nothing is cheaper than being free, and this is the selling point of WooCommerce. 

This makes WooCommerce a very powerful and unique product in the market because a vast majority of hosting platforms on the market have a subscription pricing model.

And the team of developers responsible for running this platform is making sure to keep this plugin updated and safe for modern e-commerce platforms.

  1. User-Friendly and Intuitive

As discussed previously, WooCommerce is known for its easy navigation, and rightfully so. Not everyone using WordPress to build a website is necessarily a programmer or an experienced web developer. 

Due to this, they may struggle when it comes to managing the backend of their ecommerce website. However, WooCommerce comes in handy in this situation.

This plugin offers an effortless and straightforward installation and configuration process. Additionally, there are a lot of features present on this plugin that make store management much easier as well.

In fact, they are made to be such a convenience that anyone with basic WordPress knowledge can efficiently operate this plugin. 

Not only the configuration and management but the user interface has also been developed, keeping ease of access in mind. 

The interface is well-thought-out yet super versatile as well, providing you with the capability to sell almost any item without much hassle. 

  1. The Platform Is Constantly Evolving

The unique selling point of any open-source software is that there is no dedicated team that molds it, but they just provide the public with a foundation.

It is the community and backers that shape this piece of software into a shape that seems best for them, and this is not simply limited to coding, but its marketing and translation of content so that other countries can also use it also counts as a contribution.

This tendency to change itself and constantly evolve is what makes WooCommerce unique. It will never go out of date because the backers constantly add new features and updates to the plugin.

  1. The Plugin Has a Professional Look

Customers tend to stay in a store for longer if it looks well-designed and professional, and the longer they stay on the site, the more likelihood of them investing in products.

This is where WooCommerce comes in, providing website builders with the customizability options needed to make a website that can recreate that feeling of professionalism within the psyche of the viewer.

It does this by offering developers the ability to add themes to the website, which control the overall design and feel of the store you are building. Each theme offers a different aesthetic, and WooCommerce gives you the ability to add another layer to this.

It does so by offering you the ability to create different versions of an already existing theme so that you can tweak and adjust it so that it perfectly fulfills the aesthetic you wish your store to have.

  1. You Can Sell Anything You Want

Because of how this plugin is structured and designed, combined with the ability to add further plugins which can complement WooCommerce, you can essentially sell anything your want!

Whether they are physical products, virtual products, or even appointments, the only thing limiting you is your imagination when using WooCommerce. 


There are thousands of other individual reasons why you should use WooCommerce for your ecommerce website.

This was just a peak into the functionality of this plugin and a few essential reasons why this plugin is favored by so many famous ecommerce stores in the market.

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