Google Owns the Internet – Here’s How We Know

The internet began its life as a private computer network for military operations. It didn't go public until the late 1980s. Over the last 30 years, it has been developed into a global network space that, at least from a legal standpoint, nobody owns. But from a practical standpoint, Google owns the internet. The evidence is all around us. We can look at statistics and easily determine that Google is the world's number one search engine. Then we can look at all of the internet properties they own in addition to their search engine, properties like YouTube and Blogger. They even own a fair number of the major web development tools used by developers to create websites. If that's not enough evidence, here is the final piece that puts the case to rest: the whole online world knows how ...

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What do You Mean by Mobile App security and Why is It Crucial?

These days, you can hear that different applications fall victim to the hacks. Of course, no matter who you are, if your application is not protected, you can be the next prey. Whether you construct apps yourself, use them, or considering having someone build one for you, understanding mobile app security is the main ingredient. Certainly, you can consult the professionals like Appsealing who can help you and guide you in protecting your applications. Now, talking about mobile app security, it describes the amount of protection an application on a specific mobile device has from malware, phishing, and other dangerous hacker crimes. You could also hear the term refer to the technologies that lessens the dangers mobile devices are exposed to via their apps. Why is it crucial? Well,...

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