Lily outdoor spotlight has more to give you

Lily outdoor spotlight has more to give you

There have not been many viable options for outdoor smart lighting; consequently, when Philips introduced the Philips Lily Spotlight to the market, homeowners were excited to get their hands on some to test out. This is because there have not been many options available. The fact that there are now possibilities for utilizing the Philips Hue lighting system outside is something that is very much appreciated after having used it for several years. People make extensive use of them in the rules and scenarios for their linked homes, and they control as many of the lights in our homes as they possibly can. People also make extensive use of them in the context of linked homes. With the aid of these, in addition to the other pedestal lights, that automation may be carried to the outside of the structure.

Because you will need their bridge device for them to operate, they are best suited for those who already have Lily outdoor spotlights installed in their houses. If you wish to manage the lights for these other locations, you will also need to include them in the cost of the bridge since these other locations do not support Bluetooth in the same way that some of the more modern Hue products can. The benefit of doing so is that you will be able to make use of the mesh network that the Hue system possesses to ensure that the lights have connectivity. This is especially important when the lights are being used in settings that are located outside.

  • Moisture Resistance

Both the cable fittings and the screw-in connections on the end of the spotlight are waterproof, and the spotlights have a waterproofness certification of IP65. The power supply brings this up to IP68, making it compatible with contemporary smartphones and allowing it to withstand immersion for brief periods. Despite this, Philips suggests putting the supply of electricity over the ground to use the two nail holes that are integrated into the casing of the product. Even though they are resting on the ground, mine are not in an area that is at risk of flooding at any point in time, and the rain does not affect them in the slightest.

  • Portable 

With a max cable length of 35 meters or 100 feet, the 24V electricity enables the use of more than 5 Lilies or Calla low-power luminaries at the same time. Because of the accessible length and the ability to mix and match different types of lights, you can effectively illuminate a whole area using just one power outlet, which significantly simplifies the cable management required for the project. It can be utilized as a combination of the two around the poolside, with the callas serving as the primary source of illumination for the surrounding area and the Lilies drawing attention to certain plants. Additionally, you might hang them upright on a fence or the pillar of a pergola and utilize them as down points.

  • A Complete Spectrum of Colors

The light is produced by a full-color LED array that is located in the center of the spot barrel. You can exercise precise control over the light’s color and brightness by using the Philips Hue app or a third-party platform that is supported. The brightness of the Lily is around 600 lumens, which is comparable to the output of 50W.

As was said before, the primary purpose of garden spots is to illuminate specific features rather than to provide general lighting. Because the light is distributed remarkably far by the trapezoidal diffuser (which is flat from the outside but curved on the inside), it may produce an excellent splash of color up to roughly three meters, or ten feet away. When you put one of them up a few steps away from a wall trellis, you will discover that it illuminates pretty much the entire wall in a very satisfactory manner. It is not a very bright light; rather, it’s more of a soft decorative light that is comparable to a mood lamp. However, the illumination that it provides is perfectly adequate for getting around at night.

  • Support for Widespread Integration

Although this is more of a characteristic of the Hue footbridge, it is nevertheless important to point out here. The Friends of Hue program provides outstanding third-party support for the Hue smart lighting system. This support encompasses not only all of the available voice assistants but also a wide variety of platforms. This is an essential aspect, in my opinion, since purchasing a Hue installation can be a costly endeavor, and you don’t want to be handicapped if the platform that you’ve chosen experiences a decline in quality. Knowing that you can utilize that investment on whatever platform that you choose is satisfying for you.

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