MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting to Make Your Website Faster and More Secure

MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting to Make Your Website Faster and More Secure

In every online business a point comes when there is need to upgrade their hosting environment for continuously delivering their users an outstanding browsing experience. To start with shared hosting is surely an easy way but if you aim to grow from the start, then a time will appear when you will outgrow the current hosting plan.

But you won’t be able to find the right time to switch. When you will see the potential restrictions of a shared hosting plan on your website, you will decide to a make a switch to a dedicated server at the right time.  

When Should You Switch to Dedicated Server?

Both a website and hosting environment vary. Therefore, you can’t make a statement that will include each of the single website and existing hosting plan available. Yet, there are some indicators that will let you know the time to switch to a dedicated server.

  1. Your Website Performance Decreases

In case your website is underperforming now, it is an indication that you should upgrade to a dedicated server. Are your visitors facing a server error page continuously or need to wait longer to get the website loaded? Then switching to a dedicated server might surely benefit you.

2. The Complete Traffic is Increasing

Is that your monthly traffic is growing at a faster pace? When you start observing steady increase in the traffic values, switching to a cheap dedicated server would be a good idea prior to it becomes a problem.

There are several webmasters that faced the server error page whenever one of their posts got viral. Ensure that you don’t select a wrong plan that will restrict the potential of your business.

3. You Want to Run Multiple Sites

In case you have multiple websites on different shared servers, you can host them on a single dedicated server.

Dedicated server hosting is divided into two types – managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. Most of the web hosts offer unmanaged dedicated servers and charge extra if you want them to manage the server related tasks.

There are plenty of web hosts in the market that provide bare metal dedicated servers and one of the popular one is MilesWeb.

A Brief About MilesWeb

An Indian web hosting provider, MilesWeb started offering their services from 2012 and today is popular for their services globally. They offer shared, dedicated, reseller, cheap vps, VPS, cloud, WordPress and application web hosting. Though they have a small customer base as compared to other web hosts of over 20,000 customers, they are an award-winning company. They have always been appreciated by Host Review, Host Advice, Hosting Advice, WP Blogging and Hosting Tribunal for performance, security, reliability and customer support.

Dedicated Server Plans


Free to Select Control Panel and OS

MilesWeb doesn’t restrict you on selection of control panel and operating system. They make your server management easy by offer the best-in-class control panels such as cPanel, Plesk and Webuzo.

Also, they allow you to select your operating system as per your convenience. If you select CentOS then cPanel would be best while CenOS, Debian and Ubuntu are best to go with Plesk and, CentOS and Ubuntu work smoothly with Webuzo.

No Hosting Sites Restriction

You are allowed to host as many websites as you want to on their dedicated server. They allow you to move websites from shared, reseller and VPS to their dedicated server.

Full Control on Server

You are provided with root access that allows you to have complete control and freedom on your server. You can install your choice of web applications without any restriction.

Get High Performance

Because unlike shared hosting, the server is shared just by a single user, there isn’t any risk of other users affecting your performance. Therefore, you get superior performance for your app or website.

Setup Your Server for Free

Your server setup will be done without any extra charges. They allow you to cancel the service at any time. You won’t need to fall for any penalties or pay for cancellation.

Highly Reliable

Due to no sharing of resources with other users, you get a highly reliable environment to run your high-level web applications.

More Security

You get a physically isolated environment that offers you privacy and security of a bare metal server. There are no threats because you are the single user of the server.

Guaranteed Resources

Similar to shared and VPS, there is no sharing and no virtualization on the server. Hence, you get a fully isolated environment and the resources are completely dedicated to you.

Customization of Applications

You can customize the applications on your server with a custom environment. May those be heavy applications, they will surely run smoothly without any hassle.

Control on Your Hardware

Due to the full root access on your bare metal server hardware via remote IP KVM Console, you get hardware level control on your server.

Powerful Servers

Their dedicated servers come with superior quality enterprise-grade hardware. They have partnered with HP, Dell, Supermicro, etc. for the powerful hardware that offer excellent speed and unparalled performance.

Customer Reviews


Dedicated servers won’t be suitable for every kind of website. However, if your website experiences some of the signs mentioned above and you it might benefit you after switching to a dedicated server, then surely take a step forward. Until you are technically skilled and the have incoming profit to pay for the costs, you can easily shift your website on a dedicated server.

Looking for a dedicated server hosting provider, you won’t find one better than MilesWeb.

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