The Pros and Cons of Fingerprint Authentication Technology

The Pros and Cons of Fingerprint Authentication Technology

Every technology comes with a list of pros and cons, but before jumping into the section of judgment. We have to understand whether the fingerprint authentication technology is the right fit for you or your organization, and what it means along with its implementation.

Fingerprint Authentication Technology

Fingerprint authentication technology is the identification recognition system that proves one’s identity and verifies it across the system to provide the correct access. While credentials are unique to one, there can be discrepancies causing risks, fingerprints are unique to us and no one can mimic the most prominent to the tiny indentation across them.

Thereby, fingerprints are unique to us and are considered to be the simplest, most robust form of identification through Fingerprint authentication technology. Let’s look at its work through.

  • An individual adds their fingerprint into the system by pressing it to the scanner for identity verification.
  • The system analyzes and stores fingerprint data in the database.
  • When the individual wants to access the system, they scan their finger across the scanner verifying themselves.
  • The system runs the database to scan and match their existing set of fingerprints.
  • Once verified, the system can be accessed and if no match, the system cannot be accessed.

The process may seem long at the text, but there is only a matter of seconds when your fingerprint touches the scanner and the database responds with the answer. Moving on, you will get to know the pros and cons of Fingerprint authentication technology.

Pros of Fingerprint Authentication Technology

There are several benefits when it comes to Fingerprint authentication technology, the ones below are the most important pros.

●    Robust Identification Tool

The fingerprint is entirely unique, and while the authentication can be highly secure, the fingerprint authentication technology is highly secure. Recognition technology is elevating every day, creating widespread development in the digital life of organizations, employees, and, customers.

●    One Password Practice

The Fingerprint authentication technology eliminates the usage of multiple passwords and helps in building one strong password to stay safe in the digital world. While, there are extra hassles involved in remembering multiple passwords, usually weaker, invite cyberattacks and fraud practices. Fingerprint recognition eliminates the risks of multi-factor authentication.

●    Ease of Usage

Gaining access to a certain device or system has never been easier, introduction of Fingerprint authentication technology has elevated the level of ease and has helped the majority group of people, who struggle with passwords and have disabilities.

Cons of Fingerprint Authentication Technology

No technology has zero disadvantages, while Fingerprint authentication technology is robust and highly secure, few cons hit.

●    Expensive

The cost of implementation of Fingerprint authentication technology is higher than average, and automatically eliminates the small budget organizations from implementing the same. It is accessible, though can be implemented by a few.

●    Not Usable By All

While technology can be savored by all, some people cannot access these due to certain injuries, or disabilities. Thus, Fingerprint authentication technology cannot be utilized as the primary form of identification.

●    System Failures

System failures are part and parcel of technological innovations, while Fingerprint authentication technology relies on digital systems, certain failures can cause them to be disabled or locked out.

While Fingerprint authentication technology is highly responsible for most identity verifications across different devices and the internet, these have been adopted by the early curious group. We at OmniDefend understand one’s concern with digital security and have pledged to protect, modernize, and secure systems by providing convenience and affordable costing.

With OmniDefend’s heightened Fingerprint authentication technology security services, we can analyze biometrics with the return time being less than three seconds from the database. Easy, convenient, and perfect solutions for identity verification for organizations with accessibility restrictions.

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