Your Complete Guide to POS Systems and POS Software Singapore

A Point of Sale (POS) system is a special computerized network that is usually operated by a main computer in places where products or services can be purchased or exchanged respectively. A standard, complete POS system consists of an input device, display or monitor, cash drawer, a fast and accurate entry and computer with a pre- installed POS software Singapore. A POS software which is considered to be the main element in a point of sale system may be used to perform various tasks ranging from performing daily, monthly and annual tracking of sales, purchases, refunds and returns, customer and employee management, tax management activities and much more.

The POS software Singapore is highly ideal for all organizations and business that require an accountable and efficient system of managing their business transactions.

Types of POS systems

There are various types of POS systems in Singapore that can be used to perform a variety of specialized tasks. All of the POS systems categories are highly specialized making them perform a limited number of tasks. Below are the main types of POS systems available for businesses and organizations in Singapore.

Retail POS systems

These are specialized systems that can be used in all retail-based businesses including but not limited to electronics, lighting, furniture, supermarket, clothing stores, accessories, and apparels. Retail POS systems which consist of hardware and POS software have been designed with the sole aim of minimizing expenses and increasing efficiency in order to make even more money. The systems help improve speed and accuracy in service provision hence help retailers satisfy their customers and in return, increase their sales.

Beauty POS systems

As the name suggests, these systems are used in business premises that specialize in beauty related products and services like hair salons, boutiques, fashion stores among others. Such systems can be used in sales management through selling beauty packages while tracking their usage and identifying the top selling beauty products and categories. They can also be used in offering customer relationship management services like booking and scheduling appointments, analyzing customer history and maintaining customer records.

Web e-Commerce

The era of the internet has managed to create immense possibilities in terms of carrying out business transactions online. Entrepreneurs and businesses have greatly ventured into the e-commerce industry in order to earn an honest living. Web e-commerce systems are meant to help such individuals and companies to set up effective and powerful online stores that will help them boost their online presence.

Reliable e-commerce systems are able to use special POS software Singapore in order to completely help businesses integrate their physical and online stores making them work as one. To effectively achieve this, most POS system providers also include additional services like web design, web and email hosting, Facebook application among others in their web e- commerce POS systems.

F&B POS systems

These systems are highly ideal in providing reliable point of sale services for restaurants, hotels, and cafes. The systems can play an important role in fast foods through capturing food sales with ease, configuring receipt layouts to meet the client’s needs, providing comprehensive sales reports and printing out queue numbers for item collection. Other services that can be achieved by F&B POS systems include stock taking, recipe management, e- menu, inventory management, take away management, discount or service charges and consolidating sales of multiple outlets.

Factors to consider when purchasing a POS system

Ease of use

An effective POS system is one that requires little if not no technological expertise. It is advisable to look for a POS software Singapore that has a user- friendly graphical interface with well-defined operation features.


Loss of money and information can play a great role in leading to the failure of a business. This calls for the need to secure all business- related transactions. A good POS system is able to keep tight control over cash receipts while providing audit trails that can be used to trace problems when they arise.


When purchasing a POS system for more than one state, it is cost effective to purchase one that has the ability to support numerous tax rates.

Entry of sales information

Although one can be able to enter sales, inventory codes manually, to save on precious time and energy, one should purchase POS systems that support the use of bar- code scanners.

Customers are known for their limited time; hence investing in an effective POS system can help reduce significantly the average time taken to serve them. By doing so, the customers are likely to choose your business premise as their most ideal place for all their shopping needs.

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