Suppose you run a digital agency that provides other services apart from SEO, and one of your clients asks you to manage their SEO needs; what do you do? Deep down, you desire to provide the SEO services, but you don’t have the resources to execute it, or worse, you don’t know how to run an SEO campaign. So rather than sending the client away, you can take advantage of an SEO reseller program.

How does SEO reselling work?

Seo reselling programs are mutually beneficial for both companies. By becoming an SEO reseller, you can offer SEO services to your existing and new clients under your brand. Still, an experienced SEO agency (white label SEO provider) does the in-house work. The white label SEO provider charges a set percentage, usually at a wholesale rate, and you can resell the services to your clients.

Your clients do not know whether a white label SEO company exists, and you get to provide quality SEO services and expand your agency cost-effectively. You can provide different SEO services with a reseller program, including keyword research, content writing, onsite and technical SEO, link building, strategic positioning, etc. You act as the direct line of communication to the end client, and you can set your prices for the SEO services for more profits.

How to get started 

If you are a digital agency looking to add SEO to your list of services, start by searching for reputable white label SEO reselling companies. You can list your priorities and initiate meetings with prospective providers to determine if they are workable partnerships.

You can also research, talk to other SEO resellers and find out how they operate. This way, you can understand the competitor’s position and what to expect when you venture into the industry. You should conduct your due diligence to ensure you find a white-label SEO provider you can comfortably work with. 

Here are some steps to take:

  • Examine your current offerings: inventory what you already offer to your clients and examine your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyze your goals: you want to achieve some growth with SEO reselling and boost your revenues. Analyze your needs and goals regarding what you hope to accomplish by becoming an SEO reseller.
  • Interview SEO agencies: with your need and goals in mind, you can interview prospective white label SEO agencies. Ensure you understand their pricing model, services, operations, and how they communicate with their SEO resellers. You want to ensure you are on the same page before getting started.

Reasons to resell SEO.

  • Higher revenue: by reselling SEO services, you have a chance to boost your revenue’s profitability. You get to pay a wholesale rate for SEO services and charge your clients a reasonable profit margin on top of your other services.
  • A cost-effective way to expand your business: SEO reselling offers a cost-effective way to expand your agency without the costs of maintaining an in-house SEO team and resources.
  • More reliability: you can count on more reliability by working with an experienced white label SEO provider rather than working your way around it.

Now you have every reason to resell SEO.

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