Creating a wow user experience is the goal for many companies, and the good thing is that web design is an ever-evolving field. As web users’ needs change, web development and design trends have been changing over the years. One of the positive patterns is that web designers have been experimenting with designs to break the mundane barriers of slow websites loaded with content and dull colors.

Although the core aspects of web design remain: faster load time, easy navigation, and data security, it is essential to constantly upgrade your website with the latest web design trends. Let’s look at the top web design trends for 2022.

One page website

Recently many people are embracing simplicity when it comes to web design. The trend of one-page websites is increasing, and more companies are adopting it since many consumers browse on their mobile phones. It is easier to scroll and navigate a website when everything is on one page, focusing on the products or services that the company provides. Using a creative website design in Mornington Peninsula, you can achieve a unique one-page web design that is simple, straightforward, and keeps your users hooked.

Bigger and bolder fonts

The days of dull colors on websites are long gone. These days web designers are experimenting with bigger, bolder, and brighter fonts to make it easier for mobile users to navigate. With oversized typography, the words become more of a graphic element than just a copy. Designers can use saturated colors to make the website stand out and appeal to relevant audiences. Bolder animated fonts with vibrant backgrounds are one of the latest trends in web design.


Minimalism is a flat design that was there in the earlier days, but it is quickly growing in popularity in the modern day. The trend is taking center stage in website design, and more web designers are playing with colors to create a minimalistic look. These days, web users are more drawn to websites with minimal content, no hero images, and minimal graphics. You can use vibrant hues to catch the eye while maintaining an overall minimalistic design of your website.


Scrollytelling is telling a story as the user scrolls through the website, and it has been getting popular in recent years. With so much online content, you must find a way to keep your users hooked when they visit your website. scrollytelling provides an innovative way of captivating your target audience through engaging storytelling via the digital interface.

Voice-driven interfaces

Like Google, where you can speak to it to accelerate navigation, web designers are now incorporating the same features into websites for a better user experience. Voice chatbots and virtual assistants are the next big trend in web design. A voice-driven interface makes accessing relevant information on a website easier, saving users more time. The trend is expected to grow more in the next few years.

The final words

Web design is quickly moving into the future with trends like one-page websites and advanced interactions like animations and voice-driven interfaces.

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