COBIT 5 Certification

Top Benefits: COBIT 5 Certification and Training online

COBIT 5, or Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies, is a good-practice framework created by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), an international professional association that deals with IT (information technology) management and governance. COBIT 5 can be described as a detailed framework that helps an organization achieve certain objectives that it has created for governing and managing enterprise IT. This is the best option for professionals such as the following: 

  • IT/IS auditors   
  • internal auditors
  • IT practitioners and information security 
  • consultants 
  • members of IT/IS management who are looking to get an insight into GEIT (Graphic Era Institute of Technology)
  • business managers
  • chief executives 

It improves your productivity and efficiency

The thing with COBIT 5 certification online is that you can use the knowledge that you gain from such training in every organization and industry. In this case, it does not matter how big those industries or organizations are. The tools, courses, and models of this course are accepted worldwide and can also be applied by business executives who are not strictly working in the IT domain. If you get this certification, you will learn the meaning of GEIT and how to use it in your enterprise.

It helps you build trust and value by using information systems 

With the help of the knowledge that you gain from COBIT 5 certification online, you would be able to derive more value from the IT work being done in the organization where you are employed. Here you would be able to use practices, models, principles, and tools that are used all around the world. Training in COBIT 5 would also help you to make the most effective decisions by addressing the needs that stakeholders in your organization have and clarifying the goals of the same.   

It helps you create a separate professional identity for yourself

This is a significant benefit of COBIT 5 certification online for sure. When you know how to use COBIT 5 you can be sure that you would be set apart from the rest of the field. This is especially so when you are in a governance role. Having such certification would speak volumes of how committed you are to the profession that you are in. With this course, you would have unparalleled knowledge of the principles, processes, and concepts that are important in this case. This knowledge is crucial when it comes to assessing and implementing COBIT.


At a basic level, having COBIT 5 certification means that you are ideally prepared to deal with the issues that may arise in the IT work being done in the organization where you work. This program trains you to understand the kind of positive effect that your work would have on your organization. Training in the principles of IT governance and management helps you gain a lot of expertise on the various topics that are critical in this domain. You also learn to understand their differences and the five basic principles of COBIT. 

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